You must devise a proper strategy to motivate your buyers for your products. Learn buyer's motivatio

6 tips to motivate your buyers to purchase

It seems too cool to leave your 9-5 job just because you don't like your boss or because you don't like waking up early. Now, you are all set to step into the world of entrepreneurship. However, nothing comes as easy it seems, and it doesn't feel too good when the sole responsibility for a task is you, and you have no one to blame. In a business, the main lesson I to motivate your buyers to make a purchase.

What is Buyer Motivation?

Buyer's motivation works through psychological factors to form the consumer's decision for a purchase. Whoever it is, a person's decision reaches the stage of action by passing these three stages of a Buyer's journey.

Awareness is the primary stage where the buyer acknowledges the need for a product.

Consideration is when the need motivates your buyers to get information about the required type of product.

The decision is the final stage when a buyer finalizes to buy a product or not. Two factors that directly impact the decision include negative reviews and the level of motivation regarding the feedback.

According to the field specialists, there may be different stages. However, the core concept of all the philosophies is the same.

According to Anthony Flynn, the founder of Amazing CEO & CEO, a business stands upon four main pillars; management, operations, finance, and marketing, and he is right. Here I would like to mention that if any one of these pillars fails, the business fails. For now, I am focusing on marketing. Allocating big marketing budgets, discussing plans, and devising strategies, most small businesses miss out on the real essence of marketing. It is how you can convince your buyer to purchase from your store or your website online. Therefore, here I am discussing some tips for you to motivate your buyers to buy your product.

Customer avatar

The first and foremost task for a marketing manager should be investing in understanding the target audience. You can never persuade a person you don't know about. Hence, it is vital to know your customer's pain points, such as needs and requirements. You must sort out your target audience concerning gender, age, marital status, and race according to the product type. Consequently, devise your marketing strategy accordingly.

Define your product

Once you have defined your target customer's pain points and needs, you must check if your product delivers what your customers are looking for. For instance, it lacks in some areas, and you must redefine your product and your marketing strategy to motivate your buyers. For this, you can conduct market and product surveys. The resulting material always proves the best to infer the customer preferences.

Selling benefits

No customers out there are interested in knowing the features of your product. That's a weird statement, right? Well, I mean it!

Customers are always looking to add value to their life. Hence, they are only interested in knowing the benefits of your product. Your marketing strategy must be all about your customer. Hence, promoting the services of the product is a better approach than bragging about UNIQUE features of the product. However, you may motivate your buyers with information about the product once you get your potential customers on board.

Realistic promises

To maintain your reputation among your valuable customers, it is vital to fulfilling your commitments. For example, if you are taking customized order, promise only what you can deliver. Hence, you will build consumer loyalty and brand trust, which are essential for developing your small business.

Pricing strategy

While launching your product, a detailed market survey is necessary. There are customers with a variety of mindsets. Some would like to bargain and compromise on quality for lower prices, while some would be ready to pay anything for a quality product. Moreover, some people would be pay higher prices just because they are brand conscious. On the other hand, they are a customer who wishes buy a quality product at minimum possible prices.

Know your type of customers and have detailed information about your competitors' prices. Finally, you must devise your pricing strategy accordingly. After all, your competitive price makes a powerful rationale to motivate your buyers.


If you wish to be everything at once, you are not going to make it. Start steadily but slowly. Ensure your product to be unique in some aspect. Define your niche where one would enjoy the feeling of being unique. You can specialize in products for women or men, apparel or accessories, foot wear or something. Just start with being specific. This way, you can motivate your buyers to purchase by decreasing your potential customers.

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