We have so many myths about drinking water owing to little knowledge about facts. Let’s have a look

5 Myths about drinking water | Myths buster

About 60% of the human body consists of water, which has given way to various myths about drinking water. Some common myths are drinking water helps dry skin, and one must drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. It helps lose weight, yellow urine indicates dehydration, and removes toxins from the body. The most bizarre one is that bottled water causes tooth decay. 

Mentioning all these myths, I have brought you a myth buster. Let’s learn more about the most underrated blessing from the divine.

The Myth Buster

  • Drinking water helps dry skin rehydration

At the top of the most common myths about drinking water is that your skin hydration depends upon your water intake. Drinking 6-8 glasses of water is the standard of having a glow, Youthful and vibrant skin. However, no one knows who set the standard and where does it come from. Instead, drinking water is helpful only in case of extreme dehydration. Other than this, drinking plenty of water is not going to do any wonders about your skin.

More than internal factors, dry skin is a consequence of external factors such as skin cleansing, oil-producing glands, and environmental conditions.

  • Drinking water helps you lose weight.   

There is no scientific proof that drinking plenty of water triggers weight loss, but surely it helps the process. It helps as it replaces the calorie-rich beverages in your daily routine. Moreover, drinking doesn’t let you feel an empty stomach so that you won’t be snacking all the time. Other than this, you can use various other low-calorie beverages as well.

  • Drinking water clears out the toxins.

It is a good practice to find out logical reasons, but little knowledge is dangerous. An example of this approach is myths about drinking water. Kidneys filter out about 180 liters of blood per day, which is five times the blood in your body. Drinking more water won’t help you much!

Our kidneys are the filter systems of our body. Our kidney clears out the body toxins from the blood and filters those toxins via urine. Kidneys reabsorb essential water and nutrients from urine. Therefore, it is a myth that the more water you drink, the more you will clear the toxins out of your body. It is true to some extent. However, you must note that if you drink plenty of water, your kidneys will have to do more work. Hence, your kidneys will weaken over time. 

Such an effect is not observable at once, yet it is obvious.

  • Drinking water during the workout

It is a general misperception that drinking water during a workout is essential because it causes significant dehydration. However, dehydration starts only if a person loses 2% of his/her body weight. It means that water intake during the workout is another one of the myths about drinking water. 

Suppose a person weighing 100 pounds loses about 2 pounds of weight. Only then their headache of rehydration sets in. Otherwise, taking about 16 ounces of fluid before a workout will do the job for you.

  •   Yellow Color of urine

The last of the myths about drinking water is about the color of urine. In reference to our blood filtration system via kidneys, it is a general perception that yellow urine indicates dehydration. It may be true, but not always. Only very dark yellow colors of urine is a mark of dehydration. Otherwise, it just your blood waste or maybe the multivitamins you are taking.

Conversely, drinking plenty of water will help kidneys with their job and only turns the urine color transparent. Furthermore, there is no medical reasoning behind the myth that yellow color urine is always due to dehydration and drinking more water helps kidneys.

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