Package of bariatric surgery varies with the type of surgery, equipment, hospital charges, and above

The package of bariatric surgery in the year 2021

Though not valid for all, changing diet and exercise routine is the best way to reduce weight. It is notable that obesity is related to other severe health conditions. For example, blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, obesity is known as a fatal disease since 2013. Currently, around 58.1% of the Pakistan population suffers from obesity.  Laparoscopic and bariatric surgery has shown obese people a way to a better happy life. An amazing perk of the advancement in technology and development. However, the package of bariatric surgery remains the main concern for patients. 

Therefore, we have compiled a brief review of the cost of bariatric surgery in Pakistan in 2021. The type of treatment and the route to weight loss varies with the severity of the patient's condition. In addition, the treatment costs may differ with the material used. The use of disposable staplers is the most common with weight loss surgery. The weight loss surgeons use these staples for cutting down the size of the stomach. Other significant charges are usually for anesthesia, hospital management, and related equipment maintenance. 

Finally, a significant factor other than the package of bariatric surgery is the fee of the surgeon. According to the estimates, only the equipment charges range to approximately 2.5 lacs. As a result, the cost of available treatment is in the range of 1.5lacs to 6.5 lacs. Therefore, there are limited options for laparoscopic and bariatric surgery in Pakistan. Consequently, we offer this review so that you may choose the best.

Weight-loss Surgery in Pakistan 

 We will describe the bariatric surgery costs in Pakistan with respect to the type of surgery. 

Sleeve gastrostomy

Sleeve gastrostomy surgery is about reducing the stomach size by 15-25%. Consequently, only a banana-shaped portion of the stomach is left, which is malabsorptive. This malabsorption and reduced stomach size help in lower calorie absorption and lesser food intake. The patient can expect to reduce approximately 65% of their weight after surgery. If the patient follows postoperative measurements, he can maintain a 50% reduction in the total weight. Marham, Pakistan, confirms a success rate of about 95%.  

The package of bariatric surgery of the sleeve gastrostomy ranges near 6.5 lac. However, some qualified weight management centers quality bariatric surgery in just 4.5 lac.

Gastric bypass surgery 

Gastric bypass surgery refers mainly to reducing stomach size by changing the route of the digestive tract. As a result, it limits the amount of food that the stomach may contain. In addition, it reduces the absorption of food by changing the stomach and the small intestine. 

It is for those who suffer from more than 40 weight indexes (BMI). More likely, people with a BMI of 35 to 39.9 with related morbidities are also highly recommended for gastric bypass surgery. Depending on the patient's condition, Roux-en Y gastric bypass may be an option as well. 

Patients report the loss of 30 to 50% of excess weight during the first six months after surgery—the package for bariatric surgery in Pakistan range to 5.5 lacs. However, depending on the equipment, anesthesia, and room type, there may be additional charges. 

The main concern for obese people's treatment is the cost of bariatric surgery in Pakistan. Everyone cannot afford such expensive treatments. Therefore, a weight loss solution promises you a good lifestyle and provides weight loss insurance options.

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