What is life?

Each of us has been asked that WHAT IS LIFE TO YOU? once in our lives.

So here's my perception about life. Life is indeed a beautiful blessing where else some people thinks life is a curse to them. There is always a reason for everything we just need to find out or most of the times it's all our overthinking. Nothing can destroy you more than your own thoughts and assumptions. Everyday brings the new hope for sure just try to focus on it once. Life is a beautiful journey, we never know what tomorrow will come up with. No matter how hard your journey is but the limit to your destination is you, if you will give up nobody can make you reach your end. Sometimes we get so tired of ourselves that we even forget to look up that what we are doing, being disgusted is not a condition it's agony. You may have heard that life is like a bicycle to keep your balance you must keep moving. Each new day gives us the chance to change what's not going right.

People reads a single page of our lives and acts as they have read the whole book, remember there is always three sides of the story. Life is surprising, sometimes it's a bowl of wonders and sometimes it's a road of fears sometimes it's the camera of happy moments sometimes it's the ocean of tears. Books can't teach that well as life experiences can. When you are going through your worst that's when you know what life is. But it's good if we wouldn't experience the bad how would we know the importance of good. We often spend our lives crying for the one we never had, but what?? why are we crying, they have lost the one who loved them not you. Life is not permanent, life is temporary people will come and go but the right one will stay. Life is full of different colors, colors of emotions, colors of sorrows, and we often see changing colors of people too. What I think is we have to spend our lives smiling because we never know how much it's left to live. Make your life worth remembering for others. Once you find the inner peace everything will make sense.


Aymen Raza


Email: aymenrazaa7@gmail.com

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