Arnab Goswami WhatsApp Chat Leaks has stirred up a new discussion in the sub-continent region. Modi-

Arnab Goswami WhatsApp Chat Leaks | Modi-media spin to win polls

Indo-Pak relations have always been a hot topic in the sub-continent as well as on the international platforms. The recent surge among the two countries has stirred up with the Arnab Goswami WhatsApp chat leaks.  

Arnab Goswami is a firebrand, the anti-Pakistan anchor who is popular for his divisive politics. Goswami is a senior officer, Co-owner, and editor in chief of India’s Republic TV. Moreover, it is famous for supporting Modi Nationalist policies.

With this brief intro, the internet blasts with the responses and discussions about the WhatsApp chat leaked by Mumbai Police. The conversation between the anchor and Pratho Dasgupta, the former Chief Executive Officer of Broadcast Audience Research Council, indicates that the anchor was aware of the Pulwama attack and Balakot airstrike well-before it took place. By well-before, I mean that the leaked chat is dated three days before the attack.

Arnab Goswami WhatsApp Chat leaks mention that “something big will happen and the government will be striking on Pakistan to elate the people.” It is said that it is a clear indication towards Feb 26, 2019, Pulwama Attack and the following airstrike in Balakot. In response, Dasgupta contemplates that an attack on Pakistan will give Modi’s BJP a sweeping chance to win polls.

In response to these WhatsApp leaks, opposition leaders in India are adamant about taking into account all the related higher officials involved in this plot. Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan has also turned to Twitter, referring to his speech in the UN general assembly. He said that “India’s fascist Modi government has used the Balakot attack as a tact to win polls.”

On the other hand, after the Arnab Goswami WhatsApp Chat leaks, neither Goswami nor Dasgupta was available for any clarifications. However, Republic TV has propagated a statement again pointing fingers at Pakistan for conspiring against Goswami’s station.  


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