Being up to date with current trends is vital to rank on top. However, old is gold. Let’s explore 5

5 retro practices of Search engine optimization in Pakistan

All done with the talking about updates and new trends! Let’s dig into some retro practices of search engine optimization in Pakistan. Search engines or I should say Google updates its algorithm every now and then to provide you with the best suited results. According to stats, Google updates algorithm for about 500-600 times every year and keeps it secret as well. So, SEO practices must change over time as well.

Let’s go through some old SEO practices and refresh.

  1. Click here button

We all remember when we used this click here button and hyperlinked it to get leads to the next page. It’s not the same anymore. The plethora of internet material and an innate hurry outdated this style. Now, readers prefer to know what is the link about they are clicking.

  1. Buying links

To me, this one is the weirdest of all the practices of retro practices of search engine optimization. Previously, people used to buy external links so that they could link their content anywhere they wanted to rank higher. As soon as Google identified this link spam, it eradicated this practice with its penguin algorithm.

  1. Keyword stuffing

No doubt, Search Engine optimization in Pakistan is all about keywords. However, proper and meaningful use of keywords is vital to ranking. However, it wasn’t the case with the retro practices of search engine optimization. SEO experts often added too much of a keyword to make it near to incomprehensible. However, Google genius has made it sure that only 3% of the keyword is used in the document.

  1. Artsy font

It was a general practice that the websites used old, incomprehensible, and artsy fonts to mark their uniqueness. However, in such a busy era, no one has time to stop at try to read what is written. Instead, now easy, simple and understandable fonts and styles are used such as Times New Roman and Calibri.


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