New guidelines to travel from and to UK contain all necessary information for safe traveling in COVI

The new guidelines to travel from and to UK | A brief overview

Every country's government is playing a significant role in eradicating the virus and saving people from being infected. UK government has also commanded a recent decree/ guidelines to travel from and to UK on Sunday 17, Jan 2021.

When traveling to UK 

Flying to UK, (either UK national coming to home) government has some crucial restrictions/ guidelines to travel from and to UK for you to follow. You will have to:

  • UK government has ordered to close all traveling corridors until 15 February, including all the exempted countries.
  • Submitting a COVID-19 diagnostic test with negative results taken 3 days before leaving the country (from where you are coming via boat, train, or plane) is essential for all overseas.
  • Children under 11, travelers from Ireland, Isle of Man, Islands (Channel, Falkland & Ascension), and St. Helena are exempted from testing, but self-isolation is a must.
  • It is necessary for all the UK arriving people to stay isolated for ten days in quarantine hotels set up by the government (people will be monitored for obeying complete isolation).
  • Quarantine time can be cut short to five days in case of negative COVID-test only for England.
  • Fill out the passenger locator form 48 hours before entering the UK; provide your contact and your visited country particulars.
  • In case of violation, you will be fined (around/ above £500) on arriving UK, or most probably, your booked airline will not let you board on.

Traveling from UK

The second wave of the virus is lethal and can strain people if not cared for properly. People are asked to leave for international traveling only after legal permission to travel.

In case you are allowed to travel abroad, follow the listed guidelines to travel from and to UK.

  • Many countries have closed their borders for UK travels. Take heed of the country's travel advice (destination abroad) and do follow them there.
  • Take a private test instead of National Health Service (NHS) test.
  • Organize ahead given the host country's restrictions like entrance, testing, quarantine, and border measures. Map out for unexpected delays in advance.
  • Keep yourself updated with the flights & accommodations rules and cancelation rights.

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