In 2021, the competition among car models is going to be very competitive. Here is a brief intro to

Top 4 cars to be launched in Pakistan | 2021 updates

The automobile industry is one of the main contributors to the stream of development of a country. The transportation system is vital to the country’s growth. The GDP of the Automobile industry in Pakistan is up to $ 3.6 Billion. Moreover, the industry ranks among the fastest-growing automobile industries in Asia. It has been growing by the rates of 171% since 2014. Such increased production rates are due to the Automotive Development Policy introduced in 2016. The automobile industry continues to launch new car models with improved features to lure buyers and keep the drive going. This article provides you a brief intro to the new cars to be launched in Pakistan in 2021.

The brands that rule over the automobile industry of Pakistan include Pak Suzuki Motor Company Ltd, Indus Motor Company Ltd (Toyota)., Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Ltd., Dewan Farooque Motors Ltd., Sigma Motors (Pvt) Ltd., Hinopak Motors Ltd., Ghandhara Nissan Ltd. However, 2021 will be exciting because the automobile companies will provide the buyers with various options this year. The cars to be launched this year are most likely to make the competition a bit tougher than before. Hope you enjoy the features of the new car models.

  1. Honda City 

We know, we know. Honda city is the most awaited car in Pakistan. So here is the good news for city lovers. 

After the 5th generation release of City in Pakistan, the company will be releasing the new model in the country this year. Meanwhile, the Japanese automakers released the7th generation of the car. The car will have a 1500cc engine with 6-speed manual transmission, and a 7-speed CVT. There is mixed news about whether the cars to be launched by Honda city will be a 7th generation or 6th generation. However, according to the import information, the country has imported CBU units of 6th Generation City from Thailand. 

  1. Corolla Cross

The Toyota Indus Motors Company will launch the Corolla Cross SUV near the first quarter of 2021. However, there has been a delay in the launch of the car. The car features a 1789cc engine along with CVT Transmission. Moreover, it has seven airbags, parking sensors, Hill Starting Assist System, passenger seat sensor, LED headlamps and DRLs, and a 17-inch alloy rim. This is just not it. You will have some other amazing features such as the cruise control, auto sensors, Sports and Eco driving modes, rear Wiper, Moon roof, 8-inches touch screen infotainment, and rear AC vents. 

Now comes the most important information about the Corolla Cross, the pricing. According to the CEO of Toyota Indus Motors, the car price will start from 8.5 million PKR.

  1. KIA-Sorento

The next entry for the cars to be launched in 2021 is the Kia Sorrento. The most exciting thing about KIA – Sorento is that it competes with Toyota Fortuner. The international edition of Sorento has two variants with a 3.5 V6 engine with 8–speed and 2.4 liters with 6–speed. The car features eight airbags, Hill Assist Start, and an Electronic brake. Furthermore, you will be able to control the lock/unblock and location search remotely.

The car price will be ranging between 7.7 million PKR to 9.4 million. 

  1. Hyundai Elantra

Our last entry for cars to be launched in Pakistan is the Hyundai Elantra, which will be releasing during the first quarter of 2021, adding to the space occupied by Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla. It features a 1600 cc naturally aspirated engine with 6 – speed Automatic Transmission or Automatic Manual. 

Moreover, there are parking sensors, cruise control, Hill Start Assist, six airbags, electric stability control, and emergency stop signals. Besides, it has ventilated front seats and Hyundai Bluelink connectivity. 

The new Hyundai Elantra will range between 3.6 million PKR to 4 million PKR.

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