What to do and whatnot while waiting for towing service

People often encounter the pitfalls like vehicle breakdowns; what worse is that some take longer than usual to get back in shape. Eventually, the driver or the passengers have to wait (quite long!). At that time, being safe matters the most. Therefore, here are some safety precautions while waiting for towing service to avoid any danger to you or your vehicle.

Let start with what to do…

Turn on the Flashers 

First of all, switch on the emergency lights when the car gets stuck in the middle-of-the-road, especially at night. It will help notify the coming vehicles about the broken car presence in front of them. Eventually, they can slow down their fast-moving vehicles and avoid further accidents.

However, sometimes the lights don’t work; use your car toolkit, flashlight, reflectors, road flares. It's just that you should be visible to the incoming people.

Draw your car from middle-of-the-road to a roadside

Meanwhile, waiting for towing service, your car might be blocking the traffic. Therefore, the next ward off the vehicle to a safe side. It will ensure both you and your car's safety.

Further, if it doesn’t move an inch on doing it yourself, ask others to help you out and clear the way. Look for a flat road area and press the emergency brakes, especially on the sloppy areas.

Contact Towing Company or Recovery

If you have already called for a towing service, it's good, but if not, contact Car Towing. Remember to look for the near ones that don't take much time to reach you.

For instance, Towing Service Abu Dhabi can reach you fast all over Abu Dhabi for towing.  

It is better to describe your vehicle problems (if you know what it is) to the service. Although tow trucks are fully equipped, preparing in advance is better than to sorry later. Tell them whichever you need:

  • Towing
  • Flat Tyre, Replacement Tyre
  • Jump Start, Battery Replacement
  • Winching and Basement Pullout
  • Car Breakdown Recovery
  • Sports Car Recovery

Now, here are the practices that you should not do while waiting for tow service.

Mobile use 

Do not waste your mobile battery if you are being bored. The towing service will surely take some time to reach you. Therefore, save the battery for more emergencies like calling the police/ help. Besides, the Towing Service might need to contact you again, and if the battery dies, you will not be reachable.

Don’t go away from the Site

Stay inside the car, roll up the windows waiting for towing service, especially at nights.

If you have parked your car on the side, you should still not leave the car and site (sent location).

However, if the car catches fire, leave the car but try to stay in sight to acquire help from Car Towing Services.

Don’t trust anyone 

Sometimes scams and robberies can worsen the Breakdown scenarios. Therefore, stay alert and don’t ask for help from every passerby.

If you can’t contact any tow truck, ask for the name, scan over the person/ car, etc., before accepting the offered help.

Be cautious and stay safe while waiting for the Towing Service.

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