The world is modernizing so fast, yet we do not seem to leave behind our ancestral customs. Here are

6 places with the weirdest customs around the world

I think weird is cool. Is it not? Well, if you are bored and want something to stir up your curiosity, this blog post is for you. Let’s discover some of the weirdest customs around the world

Throwing cinnamon at singles in Denmark

Let’s start with the best. We all have heard or said that life throws lemon, but it is the cinnamon in Denmark!

Right now, we are all debating restructuring society where no one bothers others by asking personal questions such as career choices, childbirth, and marriage. However, in Denmark, marriage is nothing personal. If you turn 25 and you haven’t got your partner, all that will have is cinnamon. Sounds fun, yeah? 

You will be tied to a chair or a lamppost, and your friends will throw copious amounts of cinnamon powder at you. If you are single and turning 25 this year, you should move out or be ready to receive cinnamon!

  • Pointing directions in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a country LCentral America known for the largest freshwater lake in the region. Another thing that Nicaragua is known for is that one of the weirdest customs around the world is pointing with lips.

Yes, I mean pointing with lips rather than with hands. So, if you ever plan to visit Nicaragua, you may like to avoid asking directions from the native or else just enjoy the differences!

  • La Tomatina, Spain

Also featured in a Bollywood film, La Tomatina is a strange festival celebrated in Buñol, East of Spain, on 25 August. The festival is also known as the tomato throwing festival. Hundreds of thousands of people travel to the town on this date to participate in this huge tomato fight. Notably, only the over-ripened tomatoes are thrown in the streets.

More than being one of the weirdest customs around the worldit is fun!

Therefore, the festival has gained much fame to manage the inflating population, a ticket is now charged, and only 20,000 people can take part. For details you check here

  • No salt to guests in Egypt!

You read that right. If you happen to visit Egypt and you are excited to be hosted by a native person. You better keep your taste buds dormant. 

If you ask for salt at someone’s place in Egypt, it is considered to be mere insult. Well, now you are saved.

  • Breaking dishes in Germany

It may sound like one of the weirdest customs around the world, but I think it is cute!

There may be so much fuss about you getting married already and if you are in Germany you will have to clean dishes as well. This is about a tradition for a couple to be married in Germany. Right before the marriage of the couple, the friends and family of both the bride and groom join hands together to break dishes. Once they are done, the bride and groom have to clean all the mess. This is with the intention to teach new couple the art of working together in hard times. 

Well, very interesting and WEIRD!

  • Throwing the baby in India 

I rank it on top of the weirdest customs around the worldthe title justifies it. However, before you make any judgments, let me tell you this 500 year custom of Karnataka, India. The couples taking vows at the Sri Santeswar temple follow this tradition to bring good luck to the baby. As it indicates, they throw the baby off o the temple at about 50-feet height. 

Do not worry, the family catches the baby in a cloth.

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