4 Conspicuous Reasons for using a .com domain

A domain name is the most significant factor for any site owner. There are various domain extensions available that may confuse you with what to choose from. Thus, it is challenging to choose between a globally famous extension .com and another famous domain name with some other extension. Hence, one of the leading reasons for using a .com domain is that users consider it an excellent domain. 

Navicosoft offers you full domain ownership of a .com domain at a reasonable price. Domain name registration at an economical price is a unique feature of Navicosoft in comparison with other domain providers. In addition, you can also become a .com domain reseller by taking them at a low cost and reselling them at high rates. 

No doubt, people acknowledge a .com domain as the king of domains. Here you will discover the top 4 reasons for using a .com domain for your blog or site.

A .com domain marks the reliability of your brand

.Com is the only domain extension that shows the authenticity and credibility of your website. As a website owner, whenever you see any .com domain name, it automatically creates trustworthiness. A .com domain is thought of as a legitimate extension in comparison with other extensions. Moreover, people favour visiting the website with a .com domain name.

A .com domain is a search engine's preference

A site owner’s first choice is always to pick the .com domain. Likewise, in most cases, a search engine gives more preference to a .com domain. However, some domains rank in a different way, but having a .com extension is superior for a good Google Ranking.

A .com extension has no specific requirements related to TLDs

A valid reason to buy .com is that it doesn’t have any specific rules. For example, if you need to register for a .us, it indicates you have to be a US resident to actually buy it. It is one of the leading reasons for using a .com domain since it protects you from many restrictions.

Gives worldwide access

Every brand strives to make its products famous worldwide. It is only feasible if you have a .com domain extension. Moreover, if you register your site with a local domain name such as .uk, .co, .fr or .au, you will get access to that specific country only. Therefore to get global brand recognition, opt for a .com domain name.

Why Choose Navicosoft for a .com domain?

Navicosoft offers the most reliable services at cheap rates. Each registration reaches you with some added advantages of free email and URL forwarding, free one-year WHOIS Protection, and many more. Add reliability to your site by registering a .com domain extension from Navicosoft today.

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