5 Discernible Impacts of VPS Server Location

Some websites load within less than three seconds, whereas others take ages to load. It particularly relies on the web hosting provider, the related media files, image size, and above all, the server location. VPS server location has a tremendous impact on website performance. These discernible impacts of VPS server location ensure the productivity of your website.

What is Server Location?

 A server location is the location of the data center for facilitating a website’s hosting. This location is irrespective of the place you are present.

Navicosoft has worldwide data centers for providing you flexibility, reliability, and scalability, ensuring that you will have no issues. We have a VPS hosting team that monitors servers and their availability by updating your custom configuration settings 24/7. Moreover, we guarantee regular backups because we understand how essential it is for your business. Navicosoft’s location-based VPS hosting ranks in the top 10 VPS hosting companies.

What are the discernible impacts of VPS server location?

The discernible impacts of VPS server are very obvious from the performance of the website. Various notable outcomes show how beneficial it can be for your business.

Faster Page Load Time:

The location of the VPS server plays an essential role in determining the loading speed of a website. It is one of the discernible impacts of VPS location that servers with close geographic proximity load fast. Hence, website loading time is crucial for business and daily mobile and website users.

The time taken by the server to collect and process a request is called latency. Thus, if the server is located very far on a different continent from the site’s visitor, latency will increase. On the whole, it affects the loading speed of the page. A survey shows that 40% of visitors leave if the website takes more than 3 seconds to load. Likewise, there is a 7% decrease in conversion rate if there is more than a one-second delay in page loading.

Considering the location of VPS sever makes such a significant impact, you should opt for a centralized location for most of your customers. Moreover, location-based VPS servers ensure that there is the least distance so that you can get optimum speed. It is better if you choose the server's location according to your requirements.

More Control:

A location-based VPS server is an advanced option for your site as compared to shared hosting. A VPS server provides access to the server, granting your complete control. It offers better performance and security since you can install your operating system to optimize your website.

On the other hand, shared hosting limits your website to a very standardized server setup. It may be convenient for people who don’t have server management knowledge but not appropriate for professionals.

Higher Conversions:

Websites with consistently high speeds encourage the audience to visit their website. This factor also affects the search engine rankings. Thus if your page loads fast, it translates into higher conversion rates. In contrast, if a page takes too long to load, the user does not wait and shifts to another website. Furthermore, by offering fast page loads using a local VPS server, you lose the least number of users.

Better Search Rankings:

You definitely want customers in your region to find your business. Hence, local SEO helps you by gaining traffic. Local companies optimize their sites with location-based keywords. Therefore, if your VPS server is located in your area, it improves the website’s SEO. The apparent reason is that the search engine quickly finds your VPS server and ranks it according to your business's physical location.

Maximum Reliability:

The location-based VPS hosting gives you reliability with significant cost-saving factors. The downtime of a firm puts everything at stake. Hence, you may lose revenue, time, and even your potential customers. Using a VPS server, you get next to zero downtime. Most providers offer a 99.9% guaranteed uptime. Thus reliability is essential.

Navicosoft’s Location-based VPS server:

Navicosoft takes care of the location-based VPS settings by monitoring the site 24/7. In addition, we ensure to keep all your software up-to-date. We have our servers in various locations worldwide, such as Pakistan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Mexico, Armenia, Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, San Francisco, Bahrain, UAE, Sharjah, Russia, China, Zhengzhou, etc. We customize VPS hosting plans according to our customers' needs by upgrading them anytime as the website grows. Moreover, it allows you to immediately scale up when required.

Navicosoft facilitates free account transfers using VPS hosting. We have high-performing and stable machines present in high-tech data centers. Moreover, our top experts are available 24/7 on tickets, live chat, and phone for your assistance.


When it comes to the discernible impacts of VPS location in web hosting, all that matters is speed. Consequently, speed correlates with so many other factors. If the VPS server is located near your business and the customers, it will influence you positively in several aspects. You will experience fast load time and the best Search Engine Ranking. Therefore, all companies should keep the location of the server in their consideration.

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