Ample Hosting resources, full control, and technical support are some of the key distinctions of Ded

6 key distinctions of Dedicated Server Hosting in Melbourne

A dedicated server is more like a space in the virtual environment where you are the sole owner of that space. This spacious room can easily store all the files of a website that often seems difficult to keep in shared and VPS servers. This post reflects 6 key distinctions of Dedicated Server Hosting in Melbourne that make it unique and significant to use for your website.

Full Dedicated Server

Often the said servers are not solely dedicated, and also sometimes VPS being sold as dedicated hosting. However, the dedicated servers in the provided hosting in Melbourne are isolated and dedicated transparently. You get to have unlimited data transfer, flexible storage and RAM, and many other features that are isolated to you.

Advanced Technology 

The company facilitating the Dedicated Server Hosting in Melbourne is fast-paced and owns advanced technology to manage its data centers. The up-to-date and technology-fueled data centers engender regulated hosting features. Eventually, the furnished Hosting Services help you enhance your website performance in the virtual world. 

Network guarantee 

Other key distinctions of Dedicated Server Hosting in Melbourne include the dedicated servers' maximum uptime. Navicosoft guarantees 99.9% uptime of servers considering the website's availability importance for business growth and credibility.

All-inclusive Control 

Dedicated Server Hosting in Melbourne furnished by Navicosoft provides reliable dedicated servers in a reasonable amount. Individuals can have exclusive control of their Server and customized it according to their business and website needs. The company also provides managed services per its clients' demands.

Linux & Windows Operating Systems 

Many hosting companies have restrictions when it comes to Operation Systems. The Hosting Services in Melbourne cover both Linux and Windows Hosting. So you can easily choose your desired OS and purchase the hosting accordingly.

24/7 Customer Services 

Technical support for all manageable and unmanageable Hosting Services is vital for smooth website performance. Therefore, Navicosoft stands by its valuable customers and provide continuous customer support 24/7.

Availability of customized plans and listed above distinctions of Dedicated Server Hosting make it equally approachable for all scale businesses. Purchase a dedicated server for your website and come online with a functional website.

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