How to Select a Domain Extension for a company?

Your website might have to face a lot of challenges. Therefore you need to select a domain extension for your company that suits your requirements. Navicosoft offers multiple domain extensions for your online company which includes .com, .org, .info, .tel .biz, .net, etc. 

Here are some of the options that you might want to consider closer to jump into the world of top-level domains (TLDs). 

When to Use a .org Extension

.org stands for ‘organization.’ Non-profit websites prefer using a .org extension. It was found in 1985 for only non-profit existences. But eventually, even the profitable companies opt for it now. Many users consider it reliable and trustworthy.

Using other TLDs can be useful in some situations, but the .org extension is a well-known and trustable extension. However, most users believe that companies should use .com extension. Tying .org domain extension for your brand raises the possibility of people visiting other websites by chance. Moreover, search engine ranking works well but is not as efficient as that of .com.

When to Use a .net Extension

A .net stands for ‘network.’ People can select a domain extension if a .com domain is unavailable. In general, people recognize a .net extension as more authoritative and reliable since people can easily recall it.

It is a great option from an SEO point, but people might confuse it with other extensions such as .org or .com, and you definitely do not want that! Hence if a .com domain is unavailable, then .net is a good second choice.

A .com extension is a Preferable one

A .com domain is the most notable and suitable domain extension for any business. That is because most users will automatically assume that your website has a .com extension. Search engines, especially Google, prefer the .com extension. The reason is very obvious that users are most likely to click on a .com extension. Hence before you select a domain extension, think carefully. In addition to this, the .com extension is a suitable extension since it is convenient to remember, and the user will most probably type the correct URL to land on the correct website.

Navicosoft provides domains at very low prices. We offer much more than just a platform to build a blog or a website by creating the best web presence.

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