Website Builder and Web Hosting and are two important aspects that need to be explored in detail.

Which is Ablest? Web Hosting or Website Builder

Website Builder and Web Hosting and are the two important aspects that need to be explored in detail. Once you choose to take your business venture online, you need to acquire all the details. In order to adopt the suitable knowledge, you need proper research about both of them; only then you can decide whether to opt for web hosting or website builder. You may get confused initially after knowing that there are several online tools in the market.

Navicosoft helps you according to your business needs. We make sure to provide you with everything perfect for your website. Whether it is the speed, security, uptime, or any other thing, we provide our customers with the most secured plans. 

Choosing the appropriate web hosting or website builder service provider is a major and simple step to make your business visible to the whole world through the internet. Here are some details that will help you make the best decision for your business.

What is Web Hosting? 

Every blog, website, or even an online store, stay together using one home called “Computer Server”. A simple way to understand web hosting is that you can’t publish your content without web hosting. A web hosting service offers you specific web server space to store content, files and images to bring your business online. A web hosting space enables you to get monthly or yearly subscriptions. Your site will be down as soon as your subscription time is over.

Web hosting plays a significant role in keeping track and storing all your site’s files and data. It retrieves files and delivers them to your target audience through the search engine. Hence, all you need to do is add online wings to your business and introduce it to the whole world of the internet using a reliable web hosting service from Navicosoft.

What is Website Builder?

A website builder is an online website creating tool. You can design your site within a short period of time with just a few clicks by using it. The good part is that you don’t need to have any technical IT or website designing knowledge. These tools make everything very simple and user friendly, using features and settings to upload images, content, videos, maps, create various web pages. You can also select templates (theme) for your site. But only using these designing tools for the website will not work. You will have to host it, store it on the net server by getting services from a web hosting provider.

Although website builders are expensive yet they are very beneficial for users who want to design a site within a short period of time, without IT knowledge.

Pros & Cons to decide which one is Better, Web Hosting or Website Builder?

Service Constraints

If you favour a website builder, make sure you are aware of the limitations and services before buying the plan. Some services like a constraint to cpanel, domain name and displaying paid ads all will affect your website’s professional look. You will not have access to your control panel; hence you will be unable to see your audience and various other aspects.    

Expected Growth Rate

Even if you host your site with the website builder, you will not get the potential growth. A website builder tools package comprises of shared hosting service to host the site with several limitations, without full root access. It will not give your website any ranking, and your business will not grow. Hence it is better is to select a web hosting provider.                                                                                                    

Compare the Plan Prices

You will have to find a web hosting plan which is less expensive with good flexibility and full root access. Make sure to cross-check the package price with services while deciding whether to opt for a web hosting or website builder.

Considering the above features and benefits, you need to select a separate web hosting and website builder to rank your website in a better way and generate ROI for your online business.


Whether it is web hosting or website builder, both have their own advantages. If you are looking for better website maintenance and services, a separate hosting and website builder service is preferable.

Navicosoft offers you the most proficient web hosting services without any risk. In this time of competitiveness, our existence of over a decade is proof of our remarkable services. Being one of the oldest and top web hosting companies, we ensure your growth in managing your services by adopting the latest technology to keep up with the latest innovations.

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