Why to Sign Up for Domain Privacy Protection?

Why Sign Up for Domain Privacy Protection?

When you register your domain, you can secure all your private information in a database called WHOIS. The directory includes all the necessary information, including domain name, phone number, address, and internet protocol IP address. ICAAN has the authority to manage domain name registration as well as its ownership.

By considering your domain registration, hijackers can easily reach your WHOIS database and collect your private information. Hence domain registrars offer domain privacy protection to preserve your personal data from unapproved people. So, by signing up with Navicosoft, we ensure you to keep all your special information private. Below are some reasons why you should sign up for domain privacy protection.

Personal information protection:

Domain privacy protection ensures that your site’s address, phone numbers, email addresses, and other data remain unavailable within the WHOIS system. It makes it difficult for hackers to collect information and utilize it illegally.

Unwanted internet traffic:

Letting other people gain access to your private data appears as serious as it might be. Hackers and stalkers are especially drawn to the company’s confidential data. They visit your site just to lead a malicious action on your website.

Scam and Spam calls and emails:

You need to sign up for domain protection and protect your email information and phone number. By protecting your email information and phone number, you become less inclined to attacks like email phishing. In addition, a hacker might get knowledge by opening fake emails that contain all the data. Hence, privacy protection benefits you by preventing unwanted emails and calls that might be critical.

Competitive insights:

Competitors can handle your domain information to obtain insights on how to operate your business. Your rivals can use such information against you to seize your unique advantage and capture your market share.

Pros and Cons to Sign up for Domain Privacy Protection


  • You can secure all your data since domain registrars replace your personal information details with their own information.
  • When you sign up for domain privacy, you get spam filters to defend your data against multiple spam and scams.
  • You can avoid all sorts of hazards of getting your site hijacked.


  • To sign up for privacy protection, at times, companies charge you a premium price.

Why Choose Navicosoft?

Navicosoft offers you domain privacy protection called “WHOIS". It preserves your information from illegal access. Therefore, your security and domain privacy is our topmost priority. We give you a secure method of masking your private information so that your information is hidden behind a proxy, ending in a complete data security.

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