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4 engaging craft activities for kids at home| Lockdown 2021

Let alone financial and medicinal crisis; COVID-19 has made parenting more difficult. Shutting down schools has locked up the kids at home. Engaging these hyper-active creatures to go on with your routine work is not easy, especially when working from home. We understand the suffering. So, you do not need to worry. We have got you covered with the following fantastic craft activities for kids at home. I hope your kids enjoy them and you enjoy them too!

 Art & craft activities for kids

I hope your kids enjoy these DIY art and craft activities, and you enjoy them.

  1. Cardboard house

During this pandemic, your storeroom must have filled with delivery cartons and cardboard boxes. You can make a cardboard house of it and decorate it with colorful paper on the roof. 

  1. Glow stick balloons

Glow stick balloons seem to be very creative as well as attractive. All you need is balloons of different colors and glow sticks. Insert the glow sticks inside the balloon and fill them, and you will have little colorful lamps. 

  1. DIY jellyfish

This one is my favorite among these craft activities for kids. It is about making colorful hangings for your wall or ceiling with paper plates, yarn, and acrylic paints. Make a hole in middle of a paper plate, attach colorful yarn and hanging with this hole, and color it with acrylic paints. It will make it glow in the dark.

  1. Popsicle sticks 

All you need for this is a pack of Popsicle sticks, glue, and paper. You can draw anything on paper for your kid and ask him to paste the posts on it. Moreover, you can make a house, photo frame, wall hanging, paper fan, lamps or anything with these Popsicle sticks.

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