The aesthetic sense in kids helps them acquire the necessary skills to understand the world better.

A guide to develop an aesthetic sense in Kids | is it vital?

The world could be black and white, but the divine has made the whole universe a masterpiece of art. The divine is beauty, and so it creates beauty and appreciates beauty. The human brain is also designed to perceive colors and art in a specific way. Precisely, the development of aesthetic sense in kids refers to the capability of appreciating and critically evaluating art. It is important to note that appreciating aesthetics is more related to senses rather than artistic abilities. It is important to teach aesthetic sense in kids. Hence, they would be able to connect to visual arts, music and develop interpersonal skills.  

According to Abigail Housen, kids develop aesthetic senses through 5 stages described as under.

  1. The accountive stage refers to the people observing arts via senses and experiences and understands them. 
  2. The constructive stage is about how the perception of certain things impacts their view of art.
  3. The classifying stage is when an aspirant makes an effort to understand arts by understanding the history of art and categorizing it.
  4. The interpretative stage is the phase when people start to seek the underlying meaning in art.
  5. The re-Creative stage is about learning the enriched history if viewing and contemplating art.


Developing aesthetic sense in kids is not that difficult as it seems. It is an innate quality of a human. Observing the environment and processing beautiful sounds and sceneries helps one to grow aesthetically. One can help to increase the aesthetic sense. For this, you have to engage the kids in certain activities. For example, you can escort them on a nature walk, help them draw, and teach them to play any instrument. All such activities are helpful in this regard. Here are some tips & tricks you may practice with your kids.

  1. Ensure that your kids have exposure to the aesthetically enriched environment such as museums, nature walks, exhibitions, etc.
  2. Teach them to admire the beauty around them. It would be best if you discussed with them what they like and what they don't.
  3. Further, you can teach them how they can express themselves other than words. For example, please encourage them to express themselves in an artistic or musical way. 
  4. Rather than focusing on curricular activities only, it would be best if you enrolled your kids in summer camps that teach drawing, painting and help developing aesthetic sense in kids.

Why is aesthetic sense important?

Aesthetic is important to process all the observations and happenings in the surrounding. It is a surprise to discover that the learning process, even domains other than arts, revolves around art activities. It is a process that proceeds via maturation and environmental experiences. The aesthetic sense in kids helps them gain skills, knowledge, and understanding that aids in developing intellectual, physical, emotional, and social domains. 

Furthermore, children grow better in an environment where they have opportunities for social activities. Such favorite activities encourage curiosity and motivate the kids to explore and to learn. Hence, it is a gateway to inculcate confidence in kids. 

It is noteworthy that the aesthetic sense kids develop earlier and easier who have aesthetically proficient parents around. The main reason behind this fact is education starts at home. When a kid enjoys exposure to the aesthetically enriched environment and creative activities, aesthetic sense in kids is more likely to develop at earlier stages.

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